Learn About Identity Theft and Legal Solutions

Learn how to protect you and your family by learning about Identity Theft Solutions. Identity theft is Americas fastest growing crime and one out of every four people will become a victim. It only takes a few minutes to steal your identity but it may take years to restore all of the damage that can be done.

Learn About the Five Types of Identity Theft

Financial Information is where a thief uses your personal information to establish credit card accounts, bank accounts, loans and insurance policies in your name.

Character Theft occurs when criminal acts are performed by someone other than you and your information is given to the law enforcement officials.

Drivers License is when your identification is stolen and the person responsible get traffic tickets, DUI’s and has hit and run accidents which can lead to your arrest and maybe even lawsuits.

Social Security Number is where your number is used by the criminals so they do not have to pay child support, taxes or report large amounts of income under your name.

Medical Records is where someone uses your medical information for fraudulent insurance claims, expensive treatments or even HIV tests.

The truth is that everyone is at risk to have their identities stolen in one form or another. Once you are a victim you are more likely to have your information stolen and used again. You may also end up with legal fees to deal with because when your identity is stolen you have a legal issue. It is said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Can you imagine having the peace of mind of not worrying about the problems that come along with Identity theft? It is possible just by educating and protecting yourself and your family before identity theft happens.

When issues arise that we could use legal advice on most of us usually do nothing about it. That is because of the high cost of using our legal system. Most of us can not afford to get legal help and lose time from work which would only add financial strain to an already stressful situation. We can have all the protection we need to take care of any issues which might arise.

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